Pleated Pocket Masks Now Available!

ADLO + CO - Meet the Maker

Welcome!  I am Jennifer, Co-Founder of ADLO + CO.  Growing up as a child I was always the creative one of the bunch.  I wanted to be able to bring life to anything I could.  While I was pregnant with my youngest (Arlowe 1), I knew that I wanted a certain "simple & free" style that wasn't so frilly and sparkly for her.  I quickly caught attention from family and friends.  I decided to go on this amazing adventure with my partner Sarha to start our very own brand of children's accessories, so that others can find stylish accessories and clothing to match a more simple lifestyle.   We have since grown and now just began offering clothing to our customers! 

Handcrafted, right here in the heart of Texas.  Besides ourselves, we employ 8 other mothers to which we are able to allow them to stay home with their babies all while bringing in some extra income for their family.  Our mission is to continue to provide quality products for you and your baby.   We encourage you all to reach out to us personally via our contact us form or we have a facebook group for anyone who wants inside scoops on our next releases, chance to win Giveaways, or even just to chat!